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University of Burgundy

BCI programme in Quebec

Study in Quebec for your semester or year abroad in a university where the courses are taught in either French or English!

Le Bureau de cooperation interuniversitaire - BCI (interuniversity cooperation office) is an agreement which creates links between French and Quebecois universities in order to facilitate student exchanges. This agreement allows students who are registered at a French university to spend either a semester or a year in Quebec studying at one of the ten French or English speaking universities that participate in the programme.

Take a look at the 9 Quebecois universities who participate in the BCI programme, and the programmes which are offered to exchange students.


  • Be enrolled at the University of Burgundy at the time your application is submitted and during your year of mobility.
  • Have passed at least one year of higher education studies. If you are still in the first year of your bachelor and wish to go abroad the second year, you can still apply, even if you haven't yet received the first year's results. If you are chosen to study in Québec, you will be able to go, provided that you pass your first year.
  • Possess a strong academic record.
  • Have a good knowledge of the teaching language at the host university (either French or English).
  • Be selected by the BCI programme.


  • A semester or a whole academic year.
  • It is possible to combine your BCI exchange with other mobilities offered by the University of Burgundy. If you go on exchange with BCI, you are able to go abroad again later in your degree, for example with the Erasmus+ programme.


Applications for the 2021/2022 academic year will depend on world health context, borders’ opening and national decisions and measures.

First Step

  • Take a look at the BCI website to find out which study programmes are offered to exchange students and choose two universities in your order of preference. Read carefully the additional conditions for each university and chose which modules you may wish to take.
  • Choose your study programme (taught in French or in English) at the University of Burgundy, where you will remain officially enrolled in if you go abroad. You must contact the person responsible for your future study programme at uB so that they can approve if your proposed exchange project at Quebec is suitable within the framework of your studies.

Second Step

If the responsible person at uB approves your project, contact the International office from mid-December in order to get the personal access code which will allow you to complete the forms on the BCI website.

  • To get the code please contact Nela JOURNAUX: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.,, Office R24 at University House (Maison de l'Université).
  • Complete the online form on the BCI website. Print it, check it through and sign the application form. Make sure that you attach all of the required information and documents to the file, respecting all of the additional conditions for the particular establishment that you wish to go to.
    Send the file to:

Maison de l'université
Pôle International / International Office
Bureau R24 / office R24
Esplanade Erasme
BP 27877 - 21078 DIJON CEDEX

  • The International office will then send your application to the Quebec universities.
  • The deadline for handing in your application to the International office for 2020/2021 academic year is the 20th February 2020.
  • No applications will be accepted after this date.

Third Step

The response from your first choice university will arrive between April and June, depending on the university. If your application is accepted by the university in Quebec, you must complete the International office's online application form before the 15th May. If you do not receive a response from the university in Quebec before this time, fill out the International office's online form anyway before the deadline.

  • Fill out the International office's application form online and follow the instructions you will receive by e-mail in order to create your personal online account.
  • Once your personal account is created, you must upload your CV, cover letter, and a photo. After this step, your application will be sent off to be officially approved by the person responsible for your study programme at the University of Burgundy.
  • Once your application is electronically approved by the person responsible for your study programme at the University of Burgundy, you will have access to all the documents you will need to complete your application.
  • Download, fill out, and sign these documents (electronically or by hand) and upload them, scanned if necessary, to your personal account. The procedure is almost completely electronic; only one document must be submitted as a hard copy. Be sure to read this sheet that includes detailed instructions about each required document. We urge you to read the instructions very carefully and to thoroughly respect the guidelines.
  • The deadline for creating your personal account and for uploading your CV, cover letter, and photo is 15 May. Once the online application form is filled out, your personal account is created, and your CV, cover letter, and photo are uploaded, you will have a few extra weeks to finalise your mobility packet.

You can apply to study abroad within the Erasmus+ framework or outside the Erasmus+ framework AND within the BCI programme at the same time. If you are accepted onto both of the mobilities, it's up to you to choose the one you want and there are no consequences if you decline the other offer.

The responsible person for your programme at uB must approve the modules that you plan to take at the host university.

In order to find out more about the courses proposed take a look at the sections List of programs offered to exchange students and Other information on each BCI university web-profile. If necessary, note down the programme codes that interest you and go to the official university website. Then paste the code into the search engine on the website to find the possibilities.

  • Note down a list of modules that you may wish to take and submit it to the person responsible for your study programme at the uB to get their agreement. The goal is not to find exactly the same courses as those at the University of Burgundy, but to make sure that your subjects correspond with your study area.
  • In order to successfully pass your university year you must obtain a minimum of 30 ECTS credits per semester. Whilst choosing your modules, don't forget that one Canadian credit is worth 2 ECTS credits. 30 ECTS credits = 15 Québec credits.
  • Once your course selection is approved by the person responsible for your study programme at the University of Burgundy, you must officially fill out your learning agreement, which will allow you to validate the year of mobility. This document may also come in handy during your interactions with the partner university. Take a look at this example to learn how to fill out your learning agreement.

uB International office contacts.

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