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University of Burgundy

English taught programmes


International Trade and Export Management (DU ITEM)

This degree course in Business management aims at providing small businesses with managers expert in international trade with a dedication to the strategic use of market information. This tuition ‐ free program welcomes exchange students who will thus combine academic theories with in ‐ company practice.

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Bachelor in Computer Vision and Robotics

The Computer Vision & Robotics Degree is an international one year educational program to obtain the Bachelor degree from the University of Burgundy.

This program is accessible to undergraduates students who can justify of two years of study in a bachelor course (equivalent to 120 ECTS).

This course benefits of the experience and the skills of a team of researchers involved in the Master Computer Vision and the Master VIBOT, and the dedicated facilities for vision and robotics.

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Master in Robotic Vision

This programme aims at delivering a cutting-edge, comprehensive post-graduate course in Computer Vision and Robotics in line with the complex needs of research and industry in these fields. The study programme is as follows :

  • Signal and image processing : software and hardware.
  • Computer vision tools and methods : compression, segmentation, real-time, shape recognition, 3D vision.
  • Robotics : fundamentals, robot control and programming, autonomy and intelligence.
  • Medical imaging : biological basis, infrared imagery.
  • X-ray and ultrasound imagery.
  • Research or industrial placement.

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International Master in Business Studies (IMBS)

The International Master in Business Studies, granted by the IAE DIJON School of Management of the University of Burgundy, is designed to provide skills in the core areas of business.

It is a National Master's degree recognized by the French Ministry of Education. This degree is aimed at all those who are looking to develop both a cross-functional and international view of companies, whatever their prior academic.

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Master in Intercultural Management

The new Intercultural Management MA (MASCI ICM) is a 2-year English-taught course reserved for a select group of students with a truly international profile.

Run in partnership with the University of Helsinki (Finland) and Josai University (Tokyo, Japan), students will travel to one of the two partner universities during their course to study cultural differences, languages and intercultural management techniques, while immersed in an intercultural environment.

A 6-month work placement in the final semester will give them relevant experience in order to begin their professional career.

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Master in Advanced Mathematics

The main aim of this program is to provide advanced lectures on the mathematical methods of modern theoretical physics in the framework of mathematics cursus.

This programme offers lecture courses for the students with background in mathematics or mathematical physics giving an introduction to the mathematical methods used for such branches of theoretical physics as quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, general relativity, gauge theories, string theory etc.

The coursework will cover different fields of mathematics (algebra, geometry, analysis) and will highlight their applications to the problems of theoretical physics. The student will be integrated from the very beginning into the mathematical physics group of the IMB (Burgundy Mathematical Institute) and will have to prepare by the end of the year a masters dissertation. 

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Master in Physics, Photonics, Nanotechnology

This master addresses modern concepts and state-of-the-art techniques in photonics, optical communications, nanotechnology, laser technology, and quantum dynamics and spectroscopy.

Special emphasis will be given to femtosecond laser science, nonlinear fiber optics, nano-optics, quantum control and quantum information, molecular spectroscopy, biophysics at the nanoscale, nanosensors and nano-characterization.

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Master of Science in Advanced Electronic Systems Engineering

 The programme aims to:

  • Enable MSc graduates to become quickly operational in industry at engineer level in the field of electronics.
  • Train graduates to master advanced techniques in electronics. They will have acquired the necessary skills to model, develop and build analogical, numerical, RF or even microwave frequency electronic systems, complying with electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Provide the fundamentals of modern electronics in theory and in practice, relevant both to SME's and multinationals.

Download the master summary and master presentation.

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Master in Computer Science, image processing and medical imaging

This programme offers three different pathways around imaging :

  • Computer Science (image processing, image synthesis, image information systems),
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (sensors, vision, embedded systems),
  • Medical Imaging (X-rays, magnetic imaging, MRI).

Each pathway enables the students to acquire high-level skills in the targeted domain whatever the initial background of the students. An internship of a duration of minimum 14 weeks in a laboratory offers a real opportunity to get familiar with research and team working.

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Master in Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility

This two-year automotive engineering program in Europe at master level (3 semesters & 1 internship semester), entirely taught in English in both European automotive engineering universities ISAT & Polytech'Orléans, aims at preparing future automotive student-engineers for a professional career with a broad knowledge in automotive systems adapted to the new trends (hybrid propulsion, electrical vehicle, bio-materials, alternative fuels, fleet management...) while offering specialisations central to the industry & research to meet these requirements.

Two options :

  • energy management & control
  • eco-conception & composites, associated with Ecole Supérieure des Arts & Métiers - Cluny.

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Master in Behavioural ecology

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The LipTherapI international Master

The LipTherapI international Master is a program in the field of innovative strategies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Students enrolled in the one-year full-time program will acquire a dual skill in molecular imaging and in pharmaceutical nanoengineering.

Fundamental concepts are integrated in a common core course. Advanced aspects of imaging and pharmaceutical technologies are addressed as optional units and given by health professionals, industrial and academic researchers. Some of lecturers are involved in research excellence programs including the Labex LipSTIC (Lipoprotein and health, prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer) and the Equipex IMAPPI (Integrated magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography in preclinical imaging).

The content of the diagnosis-related topics cover the fundamentals of modern functional and molecular imaging techniques and selected medical and industrial applications, along with the chemistry behind imaging agents (molecular probes), drugs and clinically relevant biomarkers. The nanoengineering part mainly focuses on the biomimetic and biological nanocarriers such as the lipoproteins for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. Related to the importance of the social impacts of these innovative strategies, a course is dedicated to communication, science and technology watch.

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