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University of Burgundy

Sport at uB : more than you could ever dream of !

The University of Burgundy offers various sporting activities and is very well equipped.
Thus it is ranked as the 4th most athletic university in France.


The University of Burgundy considers sports activities as an important and essential structural element in the life of its students and campus. Our main goal is to make the University of Burgundy one of the best universities for sport in the nation.


Sport associations :

  • SUAPS (Service Universitaire des Activités Physiques et Sportives) : the university service for leisure and sports activities;
  • Regional Community for University Sports;
  • DUC (Dijon University Club) and Sport associations.


These associations promote on campus sporting activities and the proper practice of sports by upholding a fair play attitude, both in sport for leisure and at a more competitive level.


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