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University of Burgundy

International Policy

With currently over 200 partner universities across Europe and all over the world, uB has been expanding its education and research network for many years.

Its mains development axes are Asia (China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam) as well as Eastern and Central Europe (especially the new European Union member countries and Turkey).

uB is also active in other parts of the globe in need of its scientific knowledge (e.g. in Mexico for the automobile industry, in Brazil and Chile for wine-growing, or in Niger for Earth sciences).

Bilateral cooperation ties, developed in the course of the 20th century, such as the one with the University of Mainz in Germany, made many joint bachelor, masters and PhD degrees possible, sometimes with the help of a third academic partner.

Finally, uB invests itself thoroughly in European programmes such as Erasmus Mundus.

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