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Go abroad outside of uB

Ways of going abroad on a civic mission, volunteering, working, au-pair, jobs, as a degree-seeking student...

Do you want to carry out a different type of international mobility outside of your course at the University of Burgundy in order to have an additional international experience or because you didn't get to go abroad within the framework of your studies?

There are many options available to enrich your experience: civic, cultural or economic missions, volunteering, language schools, wwoofing, au-pair, jobs abroad etc.

Look through the resources provided by different French and international bodies listing various possibilities of international mobility in order to find what suits you best. Then contact the organisation in charge of the mobility in question in order to know what steps to take next.

Search also for similar organizations in your own country which may provide possibilities and guidance for the country you would like to go.



  • EURES: European portal on mobility and work.
  • EPSO: become a European public servant.
  • Czech emploi: helpful site for French and English speakers looking for a job in Czech Republic.
  • Pôle Emploi International (French Employment Office for International Work).
  • France Diplomacy: become an international public servant working abroad on behalf of France.
  • We also advise you to search for similar information and resources provided by your own country.

Also, take a look at the information provided about how to look for an internship abroad, which can be useful when looking for a job.

Don't forget that it is possible to ask for a semester or a year out from the University of Burgundy – between your bachelors and masters for example - in order to carry out a period of international mobility outside of your university course.

To find out about the process involved for those wanting to take a year out, look at the Effectuer une année de césure article.

Reflect on what it is you'd like to do as an international mobility project whilst abroad and apply according to the stated procedure. You shouldn't need to make prior contact with the International office who by default will receive your demand in order to validate or refuse it.

Unfortunately we cannot help you to plan your year out abroad project since this will not count as part of your uB's studies but we invite you to seek inspiration from examples of international mobility listed here above.

Read Dylan's testimony, who spent ten months as a laboratory intern at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (University of Cambridge) during his gap year in 2017/2018.

Do you want to go study abroad as a degree-seeking student; that is to say outside of an exchange? If this is the case, you must craft a personal project with which the University of Burgundy and other organisations in France or in your home country may not necessarily be able to help you.

We advise you to:

  • find the university where you would like to study;
  • find information on their site about the admission procedure for international degree-seeking students/non-exchange international students;
  • if necessary, contact the international relations office of the selected university and/or pedagogic or administrative officer of the study programme you're interested in applying for in order to find out more specific details on their admission process.

Going abroad as a degree-seeking student can be very enriching for your academic profile given that at the end of your studies you will achieve the diploma of another foreign university but you should start the process at least a year in advance as:

  • a foreign university application for a degree-seeking student is much more complex and selective that an application to go for an exchange as you've most probably already experienced with your application as an international degree-seeking student at the University of Burgundy;
  • all application documents will likely have to be translated into the teaching language of your desired university;
  • you will probably have to pass particular language exams in order to even apply;
  • in some cases, you will have to obtain a VISA or residence permit in order to be able to study in the country in question, not forgetting a work permit if you are planning on carrying out an internship within your studies;
  • the enrolment fees at foreign universities may be much higher than those typical in France. It is important to financially plan your stay abroad. Grants applicable for students on exchange cannot be given to those studying abroad as degree-seeking students. Make yourself aware through the embassy of your desired host country and eventually through the embassy of your country of origin situated in the host country to find out if there are grants available to you as a degree-seeking student.


These scholarships, offered by various organisations or governments, can sometimes finance a study or work placement mobility within the framework of your university course at uB in addition to the usual financial aid.

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