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University of Burgundy


I. Dijon, the original and main campus

The main campus is located in Dijon and is host to 24,000 students. Located 10 minutes away from the city centre, the campus covers 115 hectares full of green open spaces. Several libraries, high quality sports facilities, a thriving cultural centre, a permanent art exhibition, several university restaurants and residence halls for students, and a day nursery can be found on campus, as well as 130 active student associations.


II. Le Creusot Campus

An hour away from Dijon in the south of Burgundy, the Le Creusot campus is home to one of the leading computer science research centres, excelling particularly in the fields of robotics and electronic vision. This campus operates VIBOT, a three-part postgraduate course that has received funding as part of the Erasmus Mundus programme. Le Creusot also hosts a University Institute of Technology that awards two-year diplomas and bachelor's degrees in various technology disciplines. Despite its smaller size, this campus welcomes a number of international students.


III. Nevers Campus

Situated in Nevers in the west of Burgundy, this campus is home to the highly attractive Institute of Automotive and Transport Engineering (ISAT). Here, over 500 students of Mechanics and Energetics work in in close contact with the automobile industry and the famous Formula 1 Nevers/Magny race. The Institute has developed strong relationships with universities in China and Malaysia, and it offers several joint master and PhD programmes.


IV. Auxerre Campus

Located within an hour's drive of Paris in the north of Burgundy, the Auxerre campus features a thriving University Institute of Technology, which has built strong ties with local companies and is renowned for its dynamism in terms of international exchanges.


V. Chalon-sur-Saone Campus

This small campus situated in southern Burgundy also boasts a dynamic University Institute of Technology.


VI. Mâcon Campus

The Mâcon campus, less than an hour away from Lyon, is the most southerly of the uB campuses in Burgundy and also the smallest. It offers a Masters programme in local government administration.

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