Why go abroad?

Reasons to go abroad. Advantages of exchange programmes. Testimonies from uB students abroad and international students at uB.

Consider what it is you would like to achieve during your time at university. What field of study will you choose? What courses will you take, and up to what academic level? After this, find out how you can integrate an international dimension into your course, keeping in mind that you can go abroad multiple times while in university with different exchange programmes, work experiences, and more. Each decision must be made in agreement with your corresponding academic advisor/exchange coordinator.

Undisputable reasons to go abroad and expand your international experience beyond France

Advantages of exchange programmes

Myths that might be holding you back

This is a common misconception. uB's goal is for each student to go abroad at least once throughout their university experience, whether it's for an exchange or an internship. Many faculties allow all students who regularly validate their semester to go abroad. It's not only for the ''very best''.

If you know the basics of the language and can get by from day to day, go for it! You are not required to be bilingual to study abroad: one of the purposes of going abroad is to improve your language level. Be confident, apply, and your coordinator (the uB professor in charge of the agreement with your partner university) will determine, based on your language capabilities and your personal and professional plans, if you are ready for a period abroad. Don't forget that within a few weeks after arriving, your language level will improve quickly!

It's not always necessary to speak the language of the country you'd like to go to, because at our partner universities, many courses are taught in English!

As long as you pass all your courses at the partner university and obtain the sufficient amount of ECTS credits, studying abroad is not a waste of time – uB will recognise the credits from your exchange, and you will receive your uB diploma at the end of the academic year, provided that you pass your exams.

Not true! uB has over 800 international agreements covering all disciplines. Every student at uB has a chance to go abroad, regardless of what they study. Even if you're unable to do an exchange because of the structure of your study programme at uB, you can still do an internship abroad!

If you keep up with your coursework, participate in class, and make the necessary effort, you should have no problem passing the year. After a few weeks of adjusting, you will quickly get used to the new language. It's about finding the right balance between your studies and free time. If you really feel concerned that you might struggle to pass, talk to your coordinator at uB and at your host institution to find a solution before it's too late. Lastly, it's always possible to end your stay abroad and finish the semester in France without being penalised. To reassure you, it's worth noting that there are very few students who don't pass their year abroad. If you are struggling to pass in France, your exchange coordinator will knowingly advise against you going abroad to prevent you from facing such a situation. However, if you regularly pass your courses while in France, there's no reason you won't be eligible for international mobility – don't put up barriers for yourself! Apply, and your coordinator (or whoever is in charge of your study programme) will be the judge of your capability to study abroad!

Examples of former students that went abroad

Student testimonies

To hear more about the experiences of those who have gone abroad, check out these examples:

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