Erasmus+ programme

Spend from 2 to 12 months studying in one of the University of Burgundy's Erasmus+ partner universities.

The European Union Erasmus+ study programme allows you to study abroad for a semester or for a whole year. You can study at one of the University of Burgundy's partner universities that is also part of the Erasmus+ programme.


Reasons and advantages to going abroad.

The University of Burgundy's Erasmus+ partners

uB has over 230 Erasmus+ partners across all faculties and all levels of study. You can study abroad at any partner university with which the University of Burgundy has a cooperation agreement within your area of studies.

For example, if you are a second year history student, you can go to any university where the University of Burgundy has a cooperation agreement for bachelor level studies in history within the Humanities faculty.

Eligibility and duration

Eligibility criteria


For every period spent abroad you should decide, with the approval of your coordinator, whether you would like to study abroad for one semester or for the whole year. With the Erasmus+ programme you can spend one or several study periods abroad within a duration of 3 to 12 months per cycle. Your bachelor's degree, your master, and your PhD equate to one cycle each.

You can combine and accumulate several periods of Erasmus+ study exchange and/or Erasmus+ internships throughout your degree, provided that the total does not exceed 12 months per cycle. If you are a student of medicine however, you can accumulate a total of 24 months abroad during all cycles.


Some uB students are required to go abroad to validate their academic year because their study programme at uB has a mandatory study abroad element. These students must respect the guidelines set by the person responsible of their study programme at uB in terms of duration of their mobility and possible partner universities where they can go abroad.


How to apply for an Erasmus+ study programme?


Step 1: preselect the university where you want to go


Use our search engine to help you find our Erasmus+ partner universities with which we have agreements in your field of studies. Make sure you select your faculty and field of studies!

Remember that you are not always required to know the country's language to go abroad. For example, if you wish to go to the Czech Republic or to Finland, the courses are often taught in English. To find out about the teaching language visit the website of the partner university and read the information about the courses offered there. Sometimes, universities offer courses specifically designed for Erasmus+ students.

Choose the university that you would like to attend.

Step 2: submit your application to your uB's faculty


Contact your exchange coordinator at the University of Burgundy in order to get their permission to go abroad. Exchange coordinators are professors at uB who are in charge of the cooperation agreement with a partner university and are those who decide whether a student can go abroad.

Step 3: submit your application to the University of Burgundy's central International office


Once you have been selected by your uB coordinator or the person you've previously consulted who is responsible for your study programme, firstly you must apply via the International office at the University of Burgundy, and then at the host university.

Application to the University of Burgundy's International office

The International office's online form will be open:

Step 4: submit your application to the host University

While you are in the process of applying to the International office at uB, you must also apply to the host university in order to finalise your mobility.




If you encounter a problem or you have a question, you should contact:

Choosing your modules


In order to validate your semester or year abroad, you must choose the modules you wish to follow at the partner university.


See also the Financial aid section.


PRI-petit-logo-erasmus  Erasmus+ Programme is co-financed by the European Union. 


uB International office contacts.