Culture shock workshops for students

Publié le lundi 13 septembre 2021

Workshops for learning more about other cultures.

As a European and global citizen, you have many opportunities to live, learn and work in a country other than the country of your birth.

Your success will depend, in part, on how well you accept and navigate the challenges that you will face in cultural settings that are different. Language is the most obvious difference; the less obvious are the ways of thinking and doing that guide the everyday lives of people who are familiar with their environment.

In these workshops you will be encouraged to explore your own cultural identity/identities; how we perceive cultural difference; what happens when things go wrong; and some strategies that you can learn that will help you take advantage of your global opportunities.

We will meet in a fun, virtual environment, so sign up and join us as we learn through our shared experiences.

Workshops in 1st semester begin on 26th to 29th October, and end on 30th November to 3rd December.

All the workshops will be held in English.

We will communicate you your group and time slot until mid-October.

Workshop structure

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