Wi-Fi, virtual desktop & computer rooms : The university’s digital services

You can access the university's digital resources for both personal and academic purposes at various facilities around each of uB's campuses. The use of computer resources is subject to your agreeing to the University's IT Regulations.


The University provides students and staff of the University of Burgundy numerous digital services. Digital Work Environment (Virtual Desktop) is the unique access point to these services.


Other resources : Free access to computer rooms.

As a student at the University of Burgundy, you will receive personal and secure access to computers in the computer rooms. In these rooms, you can enjoy an individual setting while taking advantage of both local and central network resources. These rooms are accessible in different buildings across campus, and each has specific access conditions.


The Wi-Fi zone

Wireless connections are available on all campuses and in all the University Buildings.


Free-Access Terminals

As a student at the University of Burgundy, they enable you to :