European Universities Initiative - FORTHEM Alliance

The University of Burgundy is a member of the European University FORTHEM Alliance (Fostering Outreach within European Regions, Transnational Higher Education and Mobility) with six other universities:


The European Universities initiative is one of the key flagship actions of the EU, working to construct the future of the European Education Area. It brings together groups of universities around Europe to create alliances, such as FORTHEM, in order to sustainably build up ambitious cross-border cooperation in the form of a European Campus for education, research and innovation. This goes far beyond student and staff mobility, by favouring international interactions on a daily basis, in all domains of university life.

FORTHEM was one of the first 17 alliances selected and set up in 2019. As a pioneering experience, its mission is to imagine new forms of cooperation, working to "bring Europe home" into every classroom, share and build on innovative best practices, and construct a model for the European Universities of the future. 

FORTHEM was created for the students (FOR-THEM). So you are at the heart of the project.


What are our projects and how can students take full advantage of them?


Creation of Erasmus agreements between all the universities of the alliance and in all fields of study

Each year, new Eramus+ agreements are signed between the 7 FORTHEM partners, which allows students to easily build a mobility course within the framework of an Erasmus exchange.

uB students will be able to go on an Erasmus exchange several times within our 6 FORTHEM partner universities with simplified procedures: an easier way of mobility and at all levels of study.

To apply for this mobility, follow the procedures described on the Erasmus+ programme page.

Development of new forms of mobility

Short study period, all costs covered, in our partner universities

FORTHEM Campus: spend a semester to study with a group of students from seven countries by taking thematic courses according to the areas of expertise of the host university. These courses, although inspired from a scientific field, are not only made for students in the field, but for a wider student audience.

Summer universities: a thematic course organized throughout a few weeks in partner universities during the summer holidays.

Promoting multilingualism and the establishment of a Digital Academy

Civic Engagement


Research and professional experience through the FORTHEM Labs

The FORTHEM Labs are groups of experts that work together on seven different thematic areas in order to find solutions to societal challenges we face:


As a student, you can connect to these working groups through:

All the actions mentioned above will be implemented gradually in the months and years to come.


How to benefit from FORTHEM Alliance projects?


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International Office
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Maison de l’Université – Dijon campus


FORTHEM actions, financially supported by the European Union, should allow you to take advantage of the plans set up free of charge and to carry out mobility within partner universities with full or partial funding from the University of Burgundy.