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University of Burgundy

Our President’s message on Coronavirus

Dear colleagues, dear students,

The French public health authorities have updated the recommendations for action on Covid-19. As of today, people returning from :

  • China, including Hong Kong and Macao,
  • Singapore,
  • South Korea,
  • Northern Italy: regions of Lombardy and Veneto,

must comply with the recommendations below.

For persons arriving from the areas concerned, within 14 days :

  • Monitor the temperature twice a day;
  • Wear a surgical mask in the presence of family and friends and outside the home;
  • Reduce non-essential activities and close contacts (meetings, lifts, canteen, restaurant, parties, cinema...) and avoid frequenting places where fragile people are present (hospitals, maternity wards, retirement homes...);
  • Wash your hands regularly and/or use a hydroalcoholic solution.

In case of fever or feeling of fever, cough, difficulty breathing :

  • Quickly contact the SAMU centre 15 and report the trip;
  • Do not go directly to the doctor or to the hospital emergency room.

In addition, the uB's instructions are as follows : 

  • To China (Hong-Kong and Macao) : Confirmation of the suspension of all missions, internship or study periods until further notice;
  • In the direction France - other areas concerned (Singapore, South Korea, Northern Italy) : we invite you to postpone all planned trips (missions, internship or study periods) until further notice;
  • In the sense of other concerned areas (Singapore, South Korea, North Italy) – France : all uB staff, PhD students or students arriving from these areas are requested to telework or study at a distance and not to attend their lectures (TD, TP, CM...) for 14 days after arrival on French soil, without presenting themselves at their place of work or study.

On return to France, it is recommended to apply the same measures and in case of symptoms of respiratory infection to call the SAMU - Centre 15 quickly and not to go to a general practitioner, the CPSU or an emergency service.

Many countries have specific instructions: it is therefore necessary for people going on mission, whatever their destination, to consult the instructions for travellers from the countries concerned by their trip on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the last moment before their departure.

Furthermore, as the list of countries concerned can change rapidly and regularly, we recommend that people who have to travel abroad or who are returning to France frequently consult the French Public Health website:

Finally, I remind you that an email address is available (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.) to answer your specific questions.

Knowing that I can count on the attention and vigilance of each and every one of you, be assured dear colleagues, dear students of my full and complete devotion.

President of the University of Burgundy

More information on government website

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